You are just a few moments away from great undies!


Easy. If we told you that you don’t have to stick with your old, boring panties forever and you can actually receive high quality panties that will fit your silhouette delivered to your door every month, wouldn’t that be a game changer?

We thought so too.

The process is reaaaally easy. Just click the “Subscribe” button, choose your style, your size with the help of our size chart, the subscription term, and the quantity that your peachie heart desires and that’s it! We’ll bill you the 15th of each month, we assemble your pouch, send it and you’ll receive your goodies at your door around the 25th.

Did we mention shipping is free inside the U.S? Welcome to paradise!

You’ll open your Golden Package and inside you will find a colored bag for you, a sticker and (TA-DAH!!) YOUR SELECTION OF PEACHIES!!

2 or 3. It will depend on the package YOU choose 😉

Yes, you can cancel your subscription but know that you will be missed ): If you experience an issue with our service, we’d love to hear it so we can evolve and (hopefully) see you again! Also, remember that you can skip a month! Read below to learn more.

Because of health issues we can’t accept returns on panties

Sugar and spice (jk) it’s:

  • 12% spandex
  • 88% nylon
  • 100% cotton liner

They say Dominican Republic has it all, and we believe it.

Mistakes happens and we believe in making up for our mistakes. Send us an email and we’ll fix the problem!

Life is too short to use the same panties over and over, try something new! Shake it up a bit!

Treat your Peachies with love and they’ll return the love, we promise. Wash them with warm water, don’t rub them, and it’s best if left to sundry (but that’s optional, tbh).

Complimenting them and kissing them is optional.

Let’s get this straight: No drive to the mall, no need of finding parking AND free delivery to your door. We know, it’s not a dream.

Due to shipping logistics, our deadline is the 10th of each month. If you subscribe on March, 23th, you would be sent to April’s batch since we ship the 15th.

You’ll only need to do so before the next billing date. We’ll miss you! ):

We strive to provide top quality service, so if for some reason you don’t feel satisfied please let us know so we can work on that! E-mail us at and we’ll get back at you.

What best way of showing someone that you love them than by gifting them Peachies every month? Of course you can! Just select the gift option and choose away! They’ll love you for it!

Immediately after subscribing. Billing is done automatically every __ of each month. You can view your billing information in your profile when you log in.

Zero, nada, nothing.

Yaaas! Not only you can, you also save some extra $$!

Yes, yes, yes. You can login into your account and edit it. Super easy. Just make sure to do it before your shipment leaves peachie ground.